BBA + Master in International Finance

    • Program

      Undergraduate + Graduate
    • Learning Option

    • Language

      Spanish and English
    • Credits

      300 ETCS

    BBA + Master in International Finance

    The Bachelor in Business Administration + Master in International Finance and Banking is intended to train professionals capable of working in the fields of management, consultancy and appraisal at any type of organisation. During their university course, students develop an in-depth understanding of how every area of an enterprise operates and is organised. Knowledge which is supplemented by developing the necessary skills while at university to identify and anticipate opportunities, assign resources, organise information, select and motivate people, reach decisions, achieve the targets that have been set, and evaluate results.

    As a differentiating element, CUNEF has added the Master In International Finance and Banking, which is the only programme of its kind on the market, with a totally practical approach designed to train students who wish to focus their professional career on international companies, corporate banking, investment banking, private banking, fund management and financial services companies. The aim is to equip the student with the knowledge associated with the work carried out in each department of a bank and their fundamental products. In turn, these products are those used by multinational companies which are clients of those banks.

    This is a practical programme, analysing real operations, where the name of each subject corresponds to the specific department where the content of the teaching programme would be used.

    The material is taught by expert lecturers who have worked in the departments corresponding to that subject and in an international environment. The training has a definite international orientation, therefore the graduates in this master specialise in the financial business from a global and multilateral perspective. In the final year, the student will know which area of a bank or international company best suits their skills and interests and will be able to specialise in one of the following areas:

    • Commercial and Investment Banking
    • Corporate Finance
    • Asset Management and Private Wealth

    Qualification title:Bachelor in Business Administration + Master in International Finance and Banking

    Centre Responsible: CUNEF

    Academic year of launch: 2018-2019

    Continuation norms and regulations

    Minimum number of ECTS per enrolment and teaching period

    Full-time students

    First Year

    • Minimum ECTS: 60
    • Maximum ECTS: 60

    Other Years

    • Minimum ECTS: 60
    • Maximum ECTS: 90

    Part-time students

    First Year

    • Minimum ECTS: 60
    • Maximum ECTS: 60

    Other Years

    • Minimum ECTS: 30
    • Maximum ECTS: 90


    The Bachelor in Business Administration + Master in International Finance and Banking has the following hallmarks:

    • Programme intensity. This is an intensive programme that requires a full-time commitment by the students.
    • Two degrees in 5 years (300 ECTS).
    • Two professional placements abroad during terms 8 and 10.
    • All students complete the course with a high level of English, equivalent to C1 (they must demonstrate this level through an internal or external exam).
    • Mentors from the very first year who will accompany them during their time at the centre and whose mission it is to provide them with the resources to successfully develop their career within the institution and then during their professional placement.
    • Incorporating distinguishing elements, the Degree in BAM + Master in International Finance and Banking has all the ingredients so that the road to success is clear and reinforced for students having studied at CUNEF.