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Below we present all the teams at CUNEF

Mens sana in corpore sano

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, the phrase written by the Roman poet Juvenal between the late 1st and early 2nd centuries, remains an undisputed truth. There is in fact recent research that backs up this opinion and goes even further. One such study by Current Biology goes so far as to define the perfect time for students to engage in sport: four hours after memorising something new.

And so although physical exercise is always a positive, you will be surprised at the number of benefits to be gained from sport while studying:

  • It is the best way to reduce and avoid stress and anxiety. Team sports also help you work on your concentration, level of alertness and coordination with other people.
  • They improve physical stamina, which is ideal when facing long hours of study.
  • Sport serves to generate endorphins, which have the function of allowing higher levels of concentration.

Sports clubs at CUNEF

CUNEF encourages sporting pursuits while at university. We believe that sport helps in the development of skills and values such as teamwork, motivation, a sense of belonging, leadership, moderation, self-improvement… As well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

CUNEF is currently represented by a total of six teams in university competition, five in the men’s category and one women’s team.

In the women’s category the volleyball team was promoted to the first division in 2018, while the men’s rugby, basketball and 11-a-side football teams are well established in the top flight. There are also men’s 7-a-side and futsal teams in the second division.

Aside from the university league, during this academic year CUNEF will continue to stage its Internal Futsal League involving more than 100 students on teams covering different courses, as well as the Internal Padel Tennis Tournament. We will likewise be taking part in such other events as the Spanish University Championships and charitable tournaments in a range of disciplines.

Keen runners should join our Running Club, which takes part in a number of fun runs as well as the Madrid Half Marathon.

Meanwhile, if your favourite sport is not included on the list then the department responsible for organising the various clubs is always open to new suggestions.




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