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CUNEF offers you the chance to take part in training programmes, courses and seminars allowing you to flesh out your CV.


This programme is run by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation at CUNEF with the aim of promoting an innovative attitude and arousing students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Based on an agile and innovative methodology, it involves students breaking down the main trends in innovation and the opportunities and tools allowing them to generate value.

The Akademia teaching staff are made up of innovation professionals from around the country as well as renowned international experts belonging to the Future Trends Forum, the first Science and Technology think-tank in Spain, and one of the leading bodies of its kind worldwide.

The course takes place throughout the academic year, and concludes with the creation and start-up of an idea following a guided innovation methodology. The final projects are presented at the closing session to a jury made up of experts, entrepreneurs and potential investors.

CUNEF supplementary training

CUNEF has a holistic commitment to your education, offering you a programme to develop the skills, ability and know-how to supplement the official degree course subjects.

This programme addresses the acquisition of such abilities as critical thinking, written communication techniques, argumentation and debating techniques, as well as other additional forms of knowledge that will be of great use in your professional endeavours regarding technology and enterprise.

Enterprise Project

This gives students an understanding of the nature, the spirit and the role of the entrepreneur in the world of business and in society, from a practical perspective.

The programme underpins students’ aptitudes and knowledge in such fields as finance, creativity and marketing.

Topics such as social enterprises and their impact on the economy, artificial intelligence as a way of life, and Fintech and the evolution of digital banking are presented at subject seminars delivered by such speakers as:

  • Antonio Espinosa, CEO of Auara, a Madrid-based start-up where 100% of the dividends are invested in delivering drinking water to people who do not have access.
  • Sergio Orozco, CEO of Triporate, a Spanish start-up helping companies to organise their travel more simply by means of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Lupina Iturriaga, a CUNEF alumnus and CEO of the fintech Fintonic, a mobile finance app with more than 400,000 users.