CUNEF Alumni

Building conections since 1994

Founded in 1994, the CUNEF Alumni Association is the main platform for communication and networking links among former undergraduate and postgraduate students.

More than 3,000 former students currently belong to the association, playing an active role in lifelong learning programmes, seminars, conferences and a range of other activities. The association promotes personal and professional relationships by staging its annual gathering in the month of November, along with the summer party in June where we meet up every year to have a good time and extend our networking ties. They also regularly organise events, cultural outings, social and family activities, seminars, colloquiums, workshops and training for our members. The cost of these activities is covered by the annual fees paid by all the members. The membership fee is currently set at €55 per year.

Members likewise benefit from job offers advertised by CUNEF partners through the Professional Careers and Employment Department.

Interview with Francisco Gómez Cereceda, President of CUNEF Alumni

What is the aim of the CUNEF Alumni Association?

Former students represent one of CUNEF’s key assets. Over the years so many people have “lived their life” in its lecture rooms; learning knowledge and values, spending time with friends and colleagues, and striving to “get ahead”. These former students are in many cases now respected individuals thanks to their career record and knowledge. CUNEF Alumni, the association for former CUNEF students, represents a shared link for all these people. For over twenty years now, the association has been promoting a spirit of togetherness and camaraderie among former students. We want our former students to share a sense of belonging, of camaraderie and cooperation… as well as support whenever needed, accompanying us throughout our lives.

What value does CUNEF Alumni offer its members?

The association was founded with the main aim of maintaining a link among those of us studying at CUNEF and within its ecosystem, not only professionally but also personally. Each year the membership directory is published to provide us all with the contact details of our fellow members, along with an internal online platform intended to facilitate networking. One of the functions we see as most important, and which is among the most successful, is to provide our members with access to the CUNEF employment exchange. This involves an agreement which we have with the CUNEF Careers Department itself, under the terms of which they regularly pass all job offers on to us.

Meanwhile, over recent years the CUNEF Alumni Executive Board, of which I have been a member for some years and was recently appointed President, has transformed CUNEF Alumni into a much more active association. Beyond the regular annual gathering where all former students are invited to meet up, in 2017 CUNEF Alumni organised 37 events of all kinds, both academic and for fun, including cultural outings, seminars, colloquiums and courses.

What would your message be for CUNEF Alumni members?

The Association of Former Students of CUNEF is here to help us all. Those of us who sit on the CUNEF Alumni Board see our association as the perfect platform to keep former students in touch, so as to promote our personal and professional enrichment. And so I would invite you to play your part in CUNEF Alumni in the future. You are welcome aboard.