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We have established a number of preferential finance programmes for the different groups who make up the institution, with the following financial institutions

Preferential Finance Programmes

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Estudiantes de Postgrado
Banco SantanderEstudiantes Grado y PostgradoAntonio Aragonés Gallegos
BBVAEstudiantes Grado y PostgradoRoberto Gómez Montes
Banco SabadellEstudiantes Grado y Postgrado

Banco Santander Scholarships to Fund Excellence

An initiative born out of the commitment of CUNEF and Banco Santander to individual progress and support for talent and excellence. Banco Santander provides CUNEF students with a specific finance facility and the possibility of starting work at Banco Santander once they have finished their studies.

Which students can benefit?

CUNEF students on the following Degree courses, from their third academic year onwards:

  • Degree in Business Management and Administration
  • Dual Degree in Law and Business Management and Administration
  • Newly enrolled CUNEF postgraduate students on the following master’s programmes:
    • Master’s Degree in Financial Markets and Institutions
    • Master of Science in Financial Institutions and Financial Markets
    • Master’s Degree in Data Science for Finance

What are the eligibility criteria?

  1. Enrolment as a CUNEF student from the third academic year onwards, or a newly enrolled Postgraduate student.
  2. The student’s average grade immediately prior to the application must be at least 7.5/10, which must be maintained until they complete their studies.

Future recruitment at Banco Santander

Once students finish studying they can start work at Banco Santander, provided they have maintained the criterion of excellence and successfully complete the Banco Santander Human Resources Department selection process. Provided that the student continues working at Banco Santander for a period of two immediately consecutive years, all the interest accruing on the loan will be covered by the bank, which means the student will pay no interest during this period.

Meanwhile, following two years of uninterrupted employment at Banco Santander, the amount of the loan will be written off by the bank.