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Welcome to CUNEF

The Campus boasts five fully refurbished and accessible buildings, set amid a natural landscape. The centre has flexible spaces with the very latest teaching technology in the lecture rooms. It is, in short, an ecosystem where pedagogy, technology and environment foster active learning.

Three of the buildings house the lecture rooms and the offices of the academic and admin/support staff; another is home to the library, function room and Degree Hall, while the fifth contains the cafeteria. All the buildings lie within an enclosed campus with its own garden areas and 207 parking spaces. For its teaching activities, CUNEF has:

  • 23 lecture rooms with capacity for 1,300 students per slot, all equipped with the very latest multimedia systems (projectors, digital whiteboards, Internet connection and Intranet resources, etc.).
  • Six seminar rooms, likewise equipped with cutting-edge multimedia systems.
  • Three IT teaching rooms.

Student Office and counselling service

The Student Office provides information, guidance and support to ensure that CUNEF students enjoy the best possible experience in their everyday lives, in both strictly academic terms and on the pastoral side. It provides personalised and fully confidential guidance and support in the event of any difficulties, suggesting resources to deal with problems, and has a psychological guidance office available for any students who might require this service.

The purpose of the counselling service is to help all students to achieve academic and personal well-being, aiding them in resolving the various concerns they might have, at all times within the context of absolute confidentiality.


Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, with extended opening hours at weekends and public holidays during the exam season. The lending service ends 15 minutes before the library closes its doors.


  • Reading room
  • Home lending
  • Document reservation and renewal
  • Information and Reference service
  • User training
  • Press archive
  • Working desk reservation
  • Wi-Fi area
  • Suggestions box

IT Services

CUNEF takes a particular interest in its technological resources. The ICT Department undertakes a full range of technological projects and initiatives with the aim of guaranteeing high levels of quality in information exchange processes and in efforts to support teaching activities, as well as the administrative tasks performed at CUNEF.

All the Centre’s facilities have a Wi-Fi area for ease of Internet connection via personal portable devices, while all students have access to the CUNEF Intranet, allowing them securely to share information, applications and resources with students, lecturers and employees. Particular mention should be made of the new app created for mobile devices, intended for students and academic and admin staff and available via the iTunes or on Google Play, free of charge.

Wireless Wi-Fi network

All users have access to a wireless network covering all facilities in a secure, flexible and scalable manner, and which can be used by multiple IP devices: computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. The CUNEF wireless network provides communication infrastructure to supplement the existing wired network and allow for greater mobility, although it should nonetheless be borne in mind that the performance and security delivered by the CUNEF wired network are far higher than any wireless technology.

CUNEF Wi-Fi Area

1. Characteristics

  • Comprehensive coverage throughout the campus
  • Secure, flexible and scalable network.
  • Supports 802.1X access mode, with WPA2/AES and EAP-TTLS or PEAP-MSCHAPv2.
  • Infrastructure capable of supporting multiple wireless networks.
  • Tailored to the needs of students, researchers, teaching and admin/support staff and visitors.
  • Can be used with multiple IP devices: computers, tablets, mobile phones…

2. Who can connect? Students, alumni, lecturers, researchers, admin and support staff, and any visitors so requesting.

3. How do I connect? Use your device to select the AreaWifiCunef network, then open a web browser (Edge, Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, etc.) and load any page, which will bring up a validation screen where you should enter your credentials (usuario@cunef.edu and your password).

4. User support 


Extension: 347

1. Characteristics of the EDUROAM wireless network

  • Comprehensive coverage in all CUNEF buildings.
  • Coverage at participating institutions.
  • Secure, flexible and scalable network.
  • Supports 802.1X access mode, with WPA2/AES and EAP-TTLS or PEAP-MSCHAPv2.
  • Infrastructure capable of supporting multiple wireless networks.
  • Tailored to the needs of students, researchers, teaching and admin/support staff.
  • Usable with multiple IP devices: computers, tablets, mobile phones…

2. Who can connect? Students, lecturers, researchers and admin/support staff at participating institutions.

3. How do I connect?

3.1 At CUNEF

Eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool)

The recommended Eduroam wireless network connection set-up is to use the Eduroam CAT (auto-configuration tool). The installer for your device is available here. For any associated download, you should log onto the AreaWifiCunef network, available in any CUNEF building. This network provides access without prior validation to:

3.2 At another participating institution

Any user wishing to use the Eduroam wireless network at other participating institutions will need to go through the following checklist:

  • Connection: first connect to the Eduroam wireless network at CUNEF.
  • SSID: the other organisation’s ID will always contain the word “Eduroam” and may be accompanied by the organisation’s abbreviation.
  • The credentials to be used will be the same as at CUNEF.

4. User support 


Extension: 347

Come and meet us

The CUNEF Campus is located in Madrid’s University City, in an academic environment surrounded by greenery. We have our own private car park with more than 200 parking spaces for you to use. If you arrive by public transport instead, we are just a few minutes away from the metro stops Vicente Aleixandre (Line 6) and Francos Rodríguez (Line 7). The 132 bus also stops right outside.

If you are wondering about the best place to embark on your Degree or Postgraduate studies next year, we would encourage you to come along to our Open Days, or otherwise to request a visit by phoning 914480892 or sending an email to adminsiones@cunef.edu  




Leonardo Prieto Castro, 2
Ciudad Universitaria, 28040 Madrid

914 480 892



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