Why study a postgraduate course at CUNEF?

Continuing your training after having completed a degree is an excellent option and you will benefit greatly on both a professional and personal level. It will be an investment in your future.

Studying a postgraduate course is a distinguishing element on your CV when applying for a position. It shows motivation and interest for expanding your knowledge and exploring certain areas of the sector in more detail. Ultimately, it is a sign of an active attitude towards planning your professional career.

In this article, we give you seven compelling reasons for studying a postgraduate course at CUNEF:

Specialisation marks a difference: university studies provide very general knowledge which is extremely useful when deciding which part of the course you enjoyed with a view to developing your professional career, but from that moment on, specialising by studying a postgraduate course is essential. The employment market is characterised by its highly competitive nature and it is important to stand out from the crowd in order to aspire to other employment possibilities. Specialisation will increase your chances of finding a better job as your CV becomes more attractive to employers. In fact, the HR departments of companies increasingly value candidates that have knowledge of specific areas.

The practical aspect of the teaching (reflection, analysis and evaluation) of all the subjects, aimed at the acquisition of knowledge applied to taking financial decisions, is complemented with supplementary professional work experience at one of the companies that habitually work in conjunction with CUNEF.

You will form relationships with students with the same employment aspirations and this will enable you to create a network of contacts that may be very useful in the future.

CUNEF maintains a very close relationship with the business and professional environment. The Professional Careers Department actively manages the company work experience programmes, job offers, as well as the organisation of supplementary seminars and activities which aim to provide students with all the necessary tools and skills, and also the best possible opportunities, to facilitate their incorporation into their first job and improve their professional development.

The faculty comprises active professionals that combine their extensive and successful professional experience with a demonstrable pedagogical ability.

High employability rate: every year CUNEF is the leader in the job market. The profile of the CUNEF student is highly sought after by the leading companies that year after year seek to capture talent from among our graduates. More than 10,000 alumni over 45 years have paved the way, with CUNEF alumni holding directorships at the main companies operating in Spain.

Extensive scholarship program aimed at the best academic profiles, jointly awarded by the Spanish banking Association (AEB) via the Spanish Banking Association Foundation (Fundación AEB) as well as work experience scholarships sponsored by companies and institutions in conjunction with CUNEF. Furthermore, Banco Santander provides CUNEF students with a specific finance facility and the possibility of starting work at Banco Santander once they have finished their studies.


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