Formación In Company

We are particularly aware of the strategic significance that the training of professional and managers has on the performance of organisations.

The tailor-made training programmes (In Company) are our way of contributing to improving the development of talent, knowledge, motivation and the involvement of professionals in their positions, thus improving the competitiveness of our clients.

Why CUNEF In Company?

  1. Because we help our clients to face the challenges of operating in a globalised, connected world undergoing great change.
    • We listen, we design, we implement: we work in conjunction with our clients to design learning experiences that are fully adapted to their business objectives, needs and requirements.
    • We speak your language: our lecturers are recognised for their high degree of specialisation, the capacity to adapt and knowing how to understand the particular needs of each organisation.
    • Rigour and practice: the experience of learning with CUNEF combines theoretical rigour and practical application with the sectorial and functional particularities and trends.
    • We have an impact on the organisation and contribute to generating change and transformation: CUNEF develops projects that transform people and organisations
    • We have the tools to evaluate, collate information and assist in the implementation to analyse the impact of the projects and help maximise the return on the investment.

2.Because we have flexible methodologies and programmes: we develop and combine a variety of pedagogical approaches. Periods and programmes with an eminently class-based methodology, programmes and courses in which the pedagogical approach is based on online training and projects that combine sessions in the classroom with different online work tools.

  • Classroom-based training programmes: These allow participants and lecturer to interact, conceptually and methodologically with the subject, expand their knowledge, resolve and debate practical cases and suppositions, share experiences and improve their interpersonal relationships.
  • Programmes based on synchronous virtual learning: using the LMS – CUNEF Executive Channel, students and lecturers exchange knowledge regardless of where they are located. The participants carry out activities in a synchronised manner which fosters the creation and maintenance of an intense group setting and cooperation.
  • Programmes based on asynchronous virtual learning: using the LMS – CUNEF Executive Channel, students can access self-explanatory material: technical notes, video clips, podcasts, self-tests and receive support and help during learning through online tutorials and debate forums.

3. CUNEF In Company learning programmes are characterised due to the following distinguishing factors:

  • They come with the guarantee of quality and the prestige of CUNEF.
  • These are programmes created, designed and adapted to the needs of each company.
  • We have the best experts (lecturers and consultants) in their respective areas of specialisation.
  • Training programmes specialising in banking, finance, investment management, financial management, etc.
  • We have a management team dedicated exclusively to the success of every training action. These carry out their tasks maintaining a close relationship with the client company.
  • Consolidated academia support.
  • CUNEF own qualifications

4. At CUNEF we carry out all types of tailor-made training courses according to the needs of the client companies:

  • Programmes, seminars and courses tailor-made for our clients
  • In Company Masters programmes specialising in Finance and Management designed for managers
  • In Company Executive Programmes for professionals with potential for development
  • Certifications and specific professional paths (preparatory programmes for CFA (level I), €FA, etc.).
  • One day events: conferences and working sessions with groups of managers

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