Casas Lupiáñez, Agustín Alberto

Department: Economics


Upon completion of his Ph.D. at Northwestern University, he spent one year at the European University Institute (EUI) as a postdoc and four as a visiting professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

His research focuses on understanding decision-making processes in organizations, whether economic or political. In particular, he focuses on looking for the formal and informal determinants of such decisions. For example, he studies what are the effects of certain regulations and / or customs on the decision to participate in elections or company directories.

His papers have been published in international journals such as the Journal of Public Economics, American Political Science Review, World Development, Economic Theory, etc. Some of them have been cited by national and international media (CNN, BBC, Washington Post, Slate, La Nación, etc).


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Orcid: 0000-0001-8588-5562

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Ph.D. Economics, Northwestern University.

M.A. Economics, Northwestern University and M.A. Economics, Universidad de San Andres.

B.A. Economics, Universidad de San Andres.

Research Interests

Applied Micreoconomics, Political Economy, Institutional Economics, Industrial Organization.


Assistant Professor (visiting), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2012-2016.

Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute, 2011-2012.

Jefatura de Gabinete & Ministry of Defense, Argentina, 2002-2003.

Antitrust Office, Argentina, Summer 2001-2002.

Publications in Scientific Journals

Selected publications:

Casas, Agustín: “The Electoral Benefits of Unemployment, Clientelism and Distributive Politics”, World Development, 129, Art. 104908, 2020.

Casas, Agustín: “Ideological Extremism and primaries”, Economic Theory, 69(3), 829-860, 2020.

Casas, Agustín: “Distributive politics with vote and turnout buying”, American Political Science Review, 112(4), 1111-1119, 2018.

Casas, Agustín; Diaz, Guillermo; Trindade, André: “Who monitors the monitors? Effect of party observers on electoral outcomes”, Journal of Public Economics, 145, 136-149, 2017.

Casas, Agustín; Fawaz, Yarine; Trindade, André: “Surprise Me if You Can: The Influence of Newspaper Endorsements in US Presidential Elections”, Economic Inquiry, 54(3), 1484-1498, 2016.


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